Magic Window

Throw balls at Magic Window to rescue mammoth friend from snow monster, splat paint against cleaning robot, or break blocks of food.

Magic window is a set of games that can be installed on a wall near ball pit. Sensors detect any hit on screen area to make the game interactive on physical level.

Three stages of different objectives can be played:

  1. Ice level
    Snow monster sealed mammoth friend with ice magic.
    Hit ice wall to break free the mammoth, but don't forget to check the monster because it'll disrupt you with evil magic.
  2. Paint level
    A cleaning robot keeps the window clean but kids want to make a mess.
    Throw balls to pop paint splats on the window faster than the robot cleaning it.
  3. Kitchen level
    All sorts of foods are having fun in the kitchen.
    Break open the foods and see how they look inside.
    Hit special items to slow time, make big explosion and more.

Credits and Contributions

The project is installed in Funtory House, a new media kids' playground where children can play interactive contents and learn how to code in a fun way.

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